The Ultimate Home and Mobile Fitness Classes

Video and audio, instructor guided classes that build muscle and burn calories like nothing else. Those who know, ROW!



"I'm a newbie at rowing & have a Concept2 rower. This video has helped me so much with my form, understanding the difference between split time vs. strokes/minute and taught me how to get a great workout with my new rowing machine. Reese encourages and motivates and I love the graphic stickman with the sound to keep pace. I've seen remarkable differences in my times & my body in the last month."

C. Stewart

"Row Nation is unique and in a class by itself. I have researched other on line or DVD rowing classes and they are inferior. Reese explains while showing proper form and technique and is engaging. This is the best workout...where else can you burn between 450-600 calories in 40-46 minutes?? Love it, love it!!"