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Humble beginnings with Indo-Row fostered todays RowNation classes. Zero impact, fun and effective classes started pouring out from the Row17 Studios and are now available online in a Video On Demand format. Get hooked today!

The FAQ's

Q: How full body of a workout is rowing?

A: Very full body!! Rowing utilizes 84% of your muscle mass with every stroke. This makes rowing the most full body, zero impact workout that you can do.

Q: Is rowing easy on the joints?

A: YES! Rowing is completely zero impact. The rhythmic, smooth motion ensures the joints can't get jarred or impacted. When rowing, you don't lose contact with the handle or the footboard.

Q: Can anyone use a rowing machine?

A: Of course! If you can sit on a seat, you can use a rowing machine

Q: What if I don't have a home rowing machine?

A: Most gyms have rowing machines, and so do many hotels! Put in your headphones and row along! All classes have audible indicators to keep you on pace and engaged even without seeing the videos.